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Title: Baby Boom (or, Why you should always read the manual first) Chapter 11
'Verse: G1 Transformers
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: TF cussing

Sideswipe sighed as the seekerlings chased each other through the air. He’d persuaded Perceptor and Skyfire to let him bring the little jets (and Wheeljack) outside, reasoning that the sparklings couldn’t take being cooped up in the lab all day and that Perceptor’s thingummies would work just as well outside as inside the Ark.

So now he and his twin were out in a clearing a short distance from the base, accompanied by a microscope seated on the ground with Wheeljack in his lap, trying to scan the wriggling baby Lancia while a shuttle hid his amusement at his efforts. The red Lamborghini watched Perceptor’s labours for a while, then vented air in exasperation.

“Perce’. You’re holding him wrong. He doesn’t feel secure. Here.” Deft hands rearranged the sparkling in Perceptor’s grasp, and Wheeljack settled, chirring happily at the frontliner.

“Ah, you have my appreciation, Sideswipe. I fear I haven’t had that much exposure to individuals in the infantile stage of our kind. You’re very accomplished in the fine points of sparkling care.”

“Whatever, Perce’. Just keep a better grip on him.”

Starscream landed, making his way over to the little engineer being prodded at, sitting himself beside the scientist with an attentive expression. Wheeljack clicked at the little Air Commander, and the jet clicked back, sounding distracted.

Perceptor glanced over at Starscream, having finished with Wheeljack, and smiled, holding out the instrument he was using to the sparkling. As he ran through what the object did and how it did it, Wheeljack escaped his lap to plonk himself on the grass, grasping handfuls of vegetation and assorted dead branches, cooing almost contemplatively. Starscream soon joined him, ignoring Perceptor in favour of whatever had Wheeljack so spellbound. Behind them, Skyfire chuckled at the microscope’s bemused expression.

“Will you look at that. Seems like some things don’t change.”

= = =

Wheeljack was enjoying himself. Being so much smaller gave one a different perspective on things. Magnifying his visual feeds only did so much. To actually be able to wrap his hands around an organic construct, to examine the tiny leaves and peel back the tightly furled petals of some unfortunate wildflower without having to use some disconnected, separate tool was… more real, somehow.

The plant in his hands soon turned to mush, crushed by his sparkling clumsiness. The little engineer sighed, and beside him Starscream thrummed his engine in annoyance, before holding out another flower, this one already blooming. With a appreciative chirrup, he took it, running a fingertip over the bright petals as the baby seeker lectured him.

You have to be careful. Organic life is a lot easier to break.” Then, as if he just realised what he was saying, Starscream huffed and frowned, looking away. “And they make such a mess when they do. Organics are so impractical. What a stupid way to exist.

Wheeljack only beamed at him, ear fins flashing merrily. “Of course, Starscream.

Why is it whenever you say that in that manner, I get the feeling you’re mocking me?

I have no idea, Starscream.

Their idyllic moment was cut short by the sound of seekers swooping down to attack.

Both sparklings were snatched up off the ground and pressed close to Skyfire’s chestplates by a frantic Perceptor as Decepticon seekers screeched overhead. Starscream cast about for his trinemates, only to see them plucked out of the air by Sideswipe, who then sprinted over to the shuttle to shove them into his grasp. Skywarp protested the rough handling and Skyfire, and the red twin hushed him.

“Look, you have to stay with Skyfire, okay? I need you to be safe.”

The black and purple sparkling whimpered slightly, reaching for the frontliner, who gently rubbed the little seeker’s cheek. “I promise I’ll stay alive, ‘Warp. Now don’t fuss and be good.”

Sideswipe then turned and ran back to his brother, calling up his weapons to try and chase off the seekers who were attacking them. Skyfire’s arms tightened around the sparklings, the larger mech crouching low to shield them as much as possible from the fight. Perceptor had his light cannon armed, a steely glint in his optics as he stood in front of the shuttle, ready to defend them if need be.

= = =

Sunstreaker cursed as the took aim at the ‘Cons. They really had no honour, attacking sparklings like this. He swore again as Acidstorm rolled out of the way of his shot. At least the mech’s line of fire had been diverted. Then he heard Perceptor yell.

“Sideswipe! Look out!”

The yellow Lamborghini turned to see Ramjet bearing down on his brother. The red frontliner was firing shots desperately at the seeker hurtling towards him, only for them to have little effect on the maniacally laughing Decepticon. Glancing past Sideswipe, Sunstreaker’s spark sank. Skyfire and the sparklings were directly behind his twin. If Sideswipe ducked out of the way of Ramjet’s attack, they’d get hit instead.

Sideswipe’s expression hardened and he planted his feet firmly on the ground. Ramjet drew nearer and nearer, and too late, Sunstreaker lunged, already knowing he wouldn’t get to either jet or sibling in time. Then, he heard a furious chirring as a little purple and black seekerling teleported straight into Ramjet’s faceplates, causing the seeker to cry out in shock, then veer off course and away from a stunned Sideswipe.

= = =

Two seekerlings and one baby Lancia watched as Skywarp launched his attack on Ramjet. Quietly, Wheeljack asked his fellow sparklings.

Cover blown?

Thundercracker eyed the confrontation, humming in consideration. “Not quite yet.

Then Skywarp kicked a thruster (and the consequent heat generated by said thrusters) at Ramjet’s optics, then reached into subspace and pulled out a weapon, firing it at the disoriented and blinded jet. The resulting recoil tumbled the little seeker backwards, away from the Decepticon mech and into a wide opticked Lamborghini’s arms. Starscream vented air in resignation, then nodded.

Cover blown.

Edit: Just realised. This is entry #200 ^_^
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