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Title: Other Worlds [Part 11]
'Verse: G1 Transformers with a little TF:A
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: TF cussing.

Finding an Ops mech who didn’t want to be found was a job and a half. Getting him alone was even harder. Thankfully, cyberninjas were pretty good at tracking down bots.

Even so…

“You’ve been tailing me all day.”

The Porsche’s stance was guarded, and the mech had placed himself squarely in line with a likely escape route. The black and white guardsmech cycled air slowly, taking a step closer and freezing when the other mech tensed.

“Because you haven’t let me near enough to speak to you.” The Elite mech said quietly, and Jazz sighed.

“What about? Lemme guess. Prowl.”

“Yeah. What’s going on between you two? I thought he meant something to you.”

“… He does.”

“Then why are you giving him the fragging cold shoulder?!”

“I’m not. I just need some time to think.”

“What’s there to think about? You two-”

“Look, this Prowl isn’t like yours, okay?! You don’t know him, so don’t project your wants onto us!” The Ops mech snapped, and the other Jazz recoiled as if struck.

“You’re right, he probably isn’t like the Prowl in my dimension.” The cyberninja said after a while, as both mechs eyed each other. “But I can’t say that for certain, because I never let myself get close enough to find out what the mech was really like. I don’t know if he would have wanted me the same way I want him, or if he’d have preferred to just be friends. I’m just hoping I’ll have the chance to find out.”

The guardsmech turned a steadfast look onto the Porsche. “But I do know your Prowl. I’ve been in his spark.”

Jazz flinched at the blunt words, and the other Jazz continued, voice low. “Perhaps I am projecting. But sparks don’t lie, and if there’s another bot who could possibly love you more, I don’t think they exist. But you...”

Jazz only folded his arms defensively across his torso, avoiding the Elite Guard’s gaze. The cyberninja growled. “He thinks you ought to have better than him. If this is the way you’re gonna treat him, than perhaps Prowl’s the one that deserves someone better.”

= = =

Prowl followed the blue mech through the Ark, wondering where Sentinel was leading him, and why. The guardsmech had been rather vague about it, muttering something about needing his help and generally being so awkward that Prowl’s first thoughts had been that something extremely embarrassing had happened to him, most likely a prank by one of the Ark mechs.

The SIC barely held back a sigh. The crew could definitely hold a grudge, especially when on the behalf of their Prime. Prowl supposed that was why the mech had come to him in the first place. Sentinel probably considered him the least likely to laugh at his misfortune, and sympathy for the mech had him agreeing to accompany him to wherever it was they were headed.

“Sentinel, why exactly do you want me to follow you?”

“… Sir, perhaps it’d be best if you just saw it with your own optics.”

“If any of our mechs have done something to you or your property, they will be held accountable for it.”

The blue mech was silent, only nodding meekly, and the doorwinged mech wondered just how bad the incident had been.

“… We’re here, sir.”

But the sight that met Prowl’s optics was definitely not a prank.

= = =

Sentinel watched the Datsun out of the corner of an optic, silently cursing his colleague. Fool the tactician, get the mech to follow him, then get him to where Jazz had the Ark’s Jazz cornered.


He’d have better luck convincing the jet twins to stop arguing with each other whenever they got bored.

He’s stumbled through a flimsy, threadbare excuse, and thankfully the black and white mech seemed to think he’d gotten into a mishap and needed discrete assistance (the mech must really be distracted by this, Sentinel sent a silent prayer to Primus that neither set of twins ever realised it). He let Prowl continue believing that, sending a comm. to Jazz to find out where the mech was, and was now trying to get to his location before the Ops Jazz bolted or the Autobot SIC twigged on.

As the door opened on both Jazzes snarling at each other, Sentinel wondered if perhaps he should have commed the cyberninja again before entering the room.

= = =

“Someone better? Someone like you perhaps?”

“Well, I wouldn’t just leave him to wonder why I was ignoring him out of the blue!”

“Right, you’d just not say anything at all and flee the planet.”


Both visored mechs stopped dead at Prowl’s quiet interruption. The Elite Guard of the pair noted that Prowl’s gaze was fixed on his counterpart, and that the Porsche was equally focused on the Datsun. He stepped back, out of their way as Sentinel came up behind him, gripping his shoulder briefly. Jazz nudged the other guardsmech towards one of the exits.

“Let’s leave ‘em them to work things out.”

“Jazz, Sentinel.”

They cast wary glances back at the Datsun, who was looking back with a solemn expression.

“Thank you.”

They nodded in acknowledgement, and shut the door on the pair of black and whites. Once they’d put some distance between them and the stifling tension of that room, Sentinel had recovered enough to grumble at the visored Elite Guard.

“Jazz.” He turned a hesitant expression to the blue mech, who muttered threateningly.

“If you make me have to go through all that to get you with your Prowl, I will deactivate you.”

Startled, the cyberninja could only reply with a choked laugh.

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