Looks like the seeker bunnies are trying to stage a rally. *goes a-hunting for annoying bunny*

Note: Speaker switches between the bots in the trine throughout.

You made several mistakes, Megatron.

You assumed that by turning us into seekers, we’d fall completely under programming directives to obey the Wingleader. Just because your seekers were content to follow Starscream’s lead, doesn’t mean they are without free will.

Next, you didn’t research seeker culture thoroughly enough, or you’d have known that the lead trine, and thus the position of Wingleader, may be challenged at any time. Then, when I made the challenge, you didn’t think it possible that a newly formed trine would be able to defeat your Air Commander’s.

You bonded two tacticians and a sharpshooter into a trine. Or did you not realise that? Three mechs with demons and issues held in check only through vorns of practice, forced into the flighty protocols of the flight capable.

Deprived of our normal means of control… The only trine you could have created that would have been worse for you and your army’s continued health would have been one containing both twins and Red Alert.

You never considered that Starscream might concede when we spared his life. And when we took his trine’s place amongst his kin, you believed that the seekers in your army would not pledge allegiance to us, since we didn’t jump at Starscream’s orders when converted.

But your biggest mistake, Megatron, was that you thought this was. All. Your. Idea.
So... My oldest transformer fic bunny (yeah, Hunter bunny wasn't the first, just the first to have something worth posting) is getting rather ticked off with me, considering that I haven't written anything past its first scene and scattered threads of no plot whatsoever.

Thing is, I have no idea where the bunny wants to go, apart from 'WRITE ME DAMN YOU', and Mission bunny is already being one of those. I suppose another 'scenes from a 'verse' thing wouldn't be unmanageable. Certainly easier than actually coming up with a set plot, but I know the bunny will use it as an excuse to make me keep writing it until I pass on from old age.

Therefore, I post the premise, and ask: Should I stop ignoring Bunny the First and try to figure out a plot/angle/gimmick for the bunny?

Yes/No/Pancakes? )
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Stuff that popped into my head that I have no time or further inspiration to mess with. But they're pretty messed up already so I guess they don't really need it.

Based off the Mission (not so)Impossible 'verse.

1. Bluestreak had to learn the Innocent Bumblepuppy optic look from somewhere, and he's always been close to Prowl. This is why the look doesn't work on their SIC. He taught it to the gunner, and he's had vorns of practice ignoring Pouty!Jazz.

Jazz, on the other hand, can't resist the look when it comes from either Datsun. Neither can Optimus. Both are thankful the elder Datsun is very selective in the use of this 'secret weapon'. Mostly because it takes forever to get Optimus functional again after he's agreed to whatever's being requested. No, he has not tried it on Megatron. Or any Decepticon.

(... *shoves Hunter bunny into locker and sits on it* No, you are not going to either of these mechs to learn how to do that. Stay in your own 'verse. And no asking Hunter'verse Bluestreak either!)

2. Once on Earth, Prowl gets hit by a lot of bleach. Ignoring the fact that I have no idea if bleach can really do this to car paint, or that I think bleach could damage his circuitry pretty bad, his paintjob gets bleached (duh) completely white. Or it gets fragged enough that he has to get a repaint, but they're out of black or have to wait for the white to set before they start on the black. (See? I have alternatives, just in case)

So, all white Prowl wandering the base, prompting the ghost jokes, but for Mirage... Well, he's not too happy 'bout being called a 'fraidy cat, but he's not about to tell the others the real reason he ran screaming from the Rec room when he saw the mech. Jazz still hasn't stopped laughing for them to ask why either.

3. Instructor mech and instructor mech's brother get seriously overcharged (accidentally on purpose), and tell the femme division about that one tactician with the pretty optics and his remarkable abilities. Since no one really believes them, Prowl being the image of professionalism (i.e. frigid), cue a surprise visit by the femmes to a certain base, with a confused Elita One who went along to visit Optimus, who is just as confused. Chaos ensues.

Everyone not in Spec Ops is clueless as to why. Everyone in Ops would be dead of laughter or processor meltdown (And Bumblebee's processors are still recovering from the realisation that OMP HE'S THAT MECH THEY TOLD US ABOUT AT SUMMER CAMP OPS TRAINING?!) if they weren't playing keep away. Prowl just wants to do his work.

(Okay, this one had a story half written already before I came up with the Mission crack, but it's so much funnier now. I may actually finish this one in due time.)


4. Where did Prowl learn to do that?

5. And... He probably had to have practised somehow.



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