Prompt from [ profile] mmouse15: Barricade: runs into Smoky, what do they say to each other?
Prompt from [ profile] silvane91: Bluestreak was closest to the black-haired android (*cough*Barricade*cough*), and when the rogue 'droid escaped, he tried to convince Blue to come with him.

Again, the prompts merged ^_^;; )
Prompts from [ profile] star_lin:
Jazz, Prowl, Bee and the prompt and the two being sort of brotherly for young Bee. Extra points if you throw in Sam and Mikaela thoughts on Jazz and Prowl and if it's just friendship or more between them.

And [ profile] mapleflavored:
Sunny, Sides, and Blue. I guess 'pranks' is the most obvious... Though something about Sunny being an artist would work too.

They kinda merged into one story halfway through the writing ^_^;;

On to the fic! )
Side note, I found somewhere selling (...Alternators? Not sure, they're made of metal though) Binaltech Jazz (okay, Meister) and Bluestreak for ~$50 each. Not sure if I should acquire them, or let it go, since I've no bearings in that series. Thoughts?

Prompt from [ profile] arkred:
I know this is not TF Animated-based but...

This ´verse needs a Lockdown.I mean he loved/lived for the Mods in cannon so why not here?

So, prompts...

A.)The little voice in my head screams for him being either A, C or a previous project/client of that lab.
B.) A modded hitman/hacker/merc/whatever meets a stunning black haired android on the run and takes him under his wing (or under him, period.* XD) to teach him the ways of the free, amoral and greedy men.

* In canon Lockdown was kinda obsessed with Mods AND Prowl, mix a Prowl look alike minus the moral code that is a walking Mod and you have instant -creepy- love.

Warnings: Lockdown has a potty mouf.

One amoral bounty hunter, at your service. )

*giggles* Mice!


Prompt from [ profile] meallanmouse
Bee, Sam & Mikeala. Protectiveness. With the AIs knowing more about the situation than Bee does.

^_^ This prompts thing is working rather well.

I was tempted to make this a 'birds and the bees' talk, but... nah )


Prompt from [ profile] mmouse15
Bee: a line on A or C that turns out to be a trap.

This reply followed the one above almost immediately. Who am I to argue with the bunny? The rest of your prompts are still being worked on ^_^

This... might get a little complicated. )
Prompt from [ profile] genre_savvy:
I'm kind of curious to see Red Alert and/or Mirage in this 'verse. But that's really vague and I don't have an actual prompt to offer. Sorry.

Heh, your curiosity sparked mine. And thus...

Red Alert and Mirage, a match made somewhere most definitely not Heaven. )
First of my challenge responses.

Prompt from [ profile] bookworm_faith:
Something about Toasters. >D I would like to know how this might work, in a cyborg world. Failing that, bring Hunter into this world?

You are an evil, evil woman. Bunny jumped me the moment I saw your prompt and didn't fragging stop until the fic was done. And I was snickering and/or grinning like a mad child the whole time I was writing, so my kinfolk were treading a mite cautious about me.

Note: The 'Hunter' being asked for is an OC, not any canon TF cast member. Apologies if anyone thought otherwise ^_^;;

Toasters, or Hunter... Hmm... )
Just thought I'd try something out. I posted a cyborg prompt fic recently (link here), and feedback mentions that folks would like elaboration of that 'verse.

Now, I have a few ideas (i.e., I have snippets and random thoughts and text bits, but no plot), and, not wanting to go through the death by rabid bunny that is the 28 prompt meme (it threatens every 'verse that I have no plot for, see 'At Any Price' for an example), I thought I'd get prompts off of you guys (a lazy aft is me, yes) for scribblings to fill out this currently particularly empty part of headspace.

Thusly, a drabble challenge. You have 24-ish hours from when I posted this entry to give me a prompt, just post them in this entry. Characters, random words, situations, what have you, whatever you want from this 'verse, I'll attempt to write it. Length will vary, as will degree of platonic interaction and genre (I apologise in advance if you wanted fluff or smuttings and my crazed brain cell gives you a One Liner of Angsty DOOM and/or GoreTM, or vice versa).

So... have at it.

'Kay, challenge closed. Thanks for all the prompts, Imma working on them right now ^_^



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