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Cybertron Con, Hasbro's biannual TF convention was held here this year. It's the second time the event has run so far, the first one was held in Shanghai. It started today, and will stretch from the 11th to the 14th of March.

So of course I had to go

Along with two special stowaways guests...

Bay Movie Optimus... Not pictured, the scaffolding set up so people could take pictures with Optimus.

Ninjas meeting Bay Movie Optimus ^_^ They don't need scaffolding.

I think someone's at the wrong convention...

Toys from the different series were on display. Some from Hasbro, some from private collections.

Ninjas aren't the only plushies to make a visit. [livejournal.com profile] purajo's G1 Jazz showed up too :3

More KreOs!

And some more...

Gentle medic... :p

Exploring the KreO section a little more, we find Red Alert and Soundwave (sittin' inna tree...)

KreO Prowl and Jazz cheering at a finish line.

It's like a family portrait, three generations in one shot ;p

Elsewhere in the hall there was a bot transformation competition (fastest time as of our leaving: 4 seconds from car to bot to car again 0_0;; ), a bunch of KreOs out for people to fiddle with, a Dance with Bumblebee screen, panels, Bay Movie/TF:Prime Season 2 screenings, a demo of the 'Fall of Cybertron' Xbox game and merchandise to blow cash on (pictures of my loot will be up later, once I've taken them). The lighting is pretty dim inside and some of the dioramas and fan-modified bots on display suffered for it, and there were no fanworks on sale (I guess since it's an official thing...)

Overall, it's a decent event, but it can't hold a candle to BotCon yet ;3
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