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A while back I got my hands on some TF Kreos.

No prizes for guessing which ones I bought :3 Bitty mechs are all set to help with the building.

Kreo Prowl, reporting for duty.

Kreo Jazz, ready to join the party.

The lego-brick Jazz will take a bit more building, good thing there's a quartet of worker bees (ha) on hand to help. (Bitty!tfa-eliteguard Bee is a little overwhelmed. There's so many pieces! Both bitty!movie and not!EG Bee are attempting to calm him down while G1 Bee looks at the manual.)

And they're off to a good start. Stickers must be pasted with care, there's only one sheet of them to use.

These guys are a regular F1 pit crew.

(A pit crew who aren't above a little juvenile humour, they are bitty!mechs, after all)

Showing off their handiwork to bot!Jazz, who looks very impressed.

Lego Prowl comes with more parts... A lot more.

Nothing for it but to get started. Bitty! Optimuses (and Hound) get cracking.

Coming together nicely...

And ta-dah! (only... Lego Prowl's a little taller than bot!Prowl... and skinnier... with upside down doorwings...) Bot!Prowl promises to help the bitty!Optis and Hound sort out the build. There's a lot of leftover blocks that weren't used for lego Prowl.

But what about the other bitty!Prowls in residence? Well, they have a project of their own. Little lego cop (actually a knock-off product that isn't lego at all) is quite appreciative of the help.

Bitty!cop cycles know how important good wheels are when you only have two of them.

All done! This set doesn't turn into a bot, but hey, accessories! :3
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